Two of days ago, it was once again time for my annual BBQ. I invited friends from all about for some nice food and lots of beverages of course. We had a great time, and I think I got a little too much to drink. Not that I had a great time, but the next day I had a killer hangover. Mental note: 1 bottle of red wine, 4 Smirnov Ice and 2-3 glasses of generously mixed Fjellbekk (Vodka, Aquavit and Sprite) is too much. I was really tired when everybody left, and lied down in the hallway for about half-an-hour before getting to bed. Our cat was really confused with me lying on the floor, and walked around me miaowed before lying down beside me.
When I got up at noon the next day, I watched TV for about half-an-hour before deciding it was probably best to go back to bed again. Again the cat was confused (and probably hungry) and walked around miaowing again. I got back up at 17:00, fed and let out the cat, turned on the TV and did nothing. I decided I would clean up the house the next day instead.