Once In A White Moon - by Gina Therese Hvidsten
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Once In A White Moon


What’s in a name

Most people have heard about the expression “Once in a blue moon”, but what’s the significance of “Once in a white moon” ? The light from the sun shining onto the moon is white, but white light scatters in the atmosphere causing sunlight to look yellow. This means the light from the moon is scattered too so the moon is actually slightly yellow, never white. So a white moon is very rarely seen (at least according to my philosophy).

How does this connect to this site? I’m not very good at updating this site, so an update to this site is rarer than a blue moon, hence the “white moon”, however I’ve gotten better lately at writing more technical posts about subjects I’m working with.

There’s also the issue of my Norwegian last name almost translating to “white stone” (but not 100% etymologically correct), giving me another option to use the color white.

Who am I?

I have written a lot of “I”‘s above, but who is the person behind the I? Who am I?

One of the most existential questions of all time. And you just happened to stumble upon an actual answer. It is, of course, a perfectly legit question, because I’ve asked myself that same question several times. And the funny thing is, I always get a reply. And it’s always the reply I want to hear, funnily enough. But now back to the question.

Basically I’m a software developer specializing in C#.Net focusing mainly on backend development, but I can also work on more frontend related things if required. I’m a certified Sitecore developer, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

The story of my life

I was born early in the morning in a city called Sarpsborg, in Norway, on March 18th, Nineteen-Seventy-Something. I liked it so much inside my mom, that I stayed in there a bit too long. Maybe that explains why I am how I am :) As mom pushed me out, I soon discovered that this was the cold and brutal place I though it would be, and screamed to get back in. But as you all know by now, that didn’t happen. When I got back to my hometown Moss I started my interresting life.
At the age of six, on June 9th my mother and father forced a little sister onto me. I wasn’t very happy about it and said I wanted to throw her on the roof. Of course they didn’t let me do that. So as a revenge, I spent most of my time bugging her. As time went by we’ve actually become quite good friends now.
Then came school, high school, the army and college which I finished the summer of 2001. I wasn’t too thrilled about being in the army, because I am partially pacifistic and hate the idea of people shooting eachother so the leaders of the countries can get some more land into their hand. I also hated it because I was in the northernmost garisson in the world!!!
So in my first job I was happily working for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (Until they fired me due to financial cutbacks), making the computer systems for the Royal Norwegian Navy’s new Frigates. Talk about hypocrite! That’s about everything I can tell you about this matter… I mean I could tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.
So here I am, yapping about my life when I certainly should be doing other more usefull stuff.

Because I am a huge Star Wars fan I got a tattoo in the summer of 2000. It’s the insignia to the Rebel Allience (The good guys for those ignorants out there who knows nothing about Star Wars). I tattooed it on my right shoulder.

Now, don’t come asking me if I remember you, because my memory is really terrible. I think it’s worse than a goldfish. Put me in a bowl of water with some plants, and I would probably have the time of my life. Then again, maybe not, as I don’t like being contained. So if I’ve forgotten who you are, your birthday or something completely different, at least now you know the cause of this, and I hope you wont get angry with me.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is who I am.