The last few days have been really expensive. I got my tax refund and the summer-paycheck from work, and suddenly had a lot of money burning in my pockets. So I finally bought a washing machine, which I have planned to buy for about two years. At least now my mom is happy.
I also bought a WiFi network (crappy supplier hasn’t got the goods yet). I finally gave into the urges and got a new cellular phone (Nokia 6310i, with GPRS, WAP, Java, IrDA and Bluetooth) since my old one wasn’t really behaving politely, as it turned itself off when people rang, and when I desperately tried to recharge it, it turned of then as well.

Another surprising acquisition are my shiny, new, inline skates. Yes, I have finally started to work out, and are hoping to loose some weight and get in better shape. So I figured I should start practicing on braking. A very essential part of skating. I’ve gotten the hang of braking, but I don’t always stop where I want to. Usually 10-20 metres further down. And there’ll be a long while before I set down the steep and long hill down to downtown. If I do that now you’ll probably find a Glenn Thomas shaped hole in the post-office wall. And I also had my first fall on monday, which made my butt hurt all tuesday. But I have got protection… just not for my butt.
But I have been rambling on for far too long now, and seeing as this is my longest blog entry so far I’ll quit while I’m ahead.