My summer vacation is nearing it’s end, and to sum it up, it has been a wonderful vacation back at my parents. I’ve been to the beach, joined my folks for a trip out with our boat, relaxed, and even had a little flight with a propellar-plane. I also attended a local music festival with famous norwegian artists giving a great performance for what must have been Norways biggest vorspiel (See the photos of both events in the photosection).
I also found that the local library had a free WiFi access point, so that I could also get some time online.
Unfortunately I had to go to work a couple of days in my vacation to make sure everything worked for the big tests being performed on my system during my vacation. Because of this I cashed out on an extra week of vacation, and are going back this following monday. I wish I could have a much longer vacation, but if I am to have any christmas vacation, I really must get back now.