In Norway the car insurance is based alot around how far you drive over the course of a year. These last two years I’ve had my car, I’ve paid to drive 16.000km a year, but have actually only driven 10.000km. This made me call my insurance company to make me pay for 10k a year instead of 16k, to get cheaper rates (and not giving the company more money than they deserve, of course). Suddenly the nice lady at the other end of the line wanted my bank account number, since this had a two year retrospective effect. They were actually going to pay me back the money I had overpaid. So I expected to get about 1.500-2.000 norwegian kroner, based around that my annual rate was going to drop about 7-800 kroner (at least what the nice lady told me). To my surprise, they transfered 3.500 kroner :D This, of course, meant that I had more money to spend this month than I had initially calculated, and I went to Amazon and bought some CDs :D