Monday, I was a little bored at work and suddenly there was an interesting competition on the radio. They translate an English song to Norwegian and present it like a poem, and it’s up to the listener to figure out which song it is. I found out it was "I wanna be the only one" by Eternal, and rang in, and actually got through and was put on the air. I then got the message that I had won… A wine cooler worth 10.000,- Norwegian kroner (about $1400)! Here’s a picture of it. I don’t know who the character in the picture is, since it’s a promo picture I received from the radio station.
The refrigerator sized cooler arrived by truck today (unfortunately without any contents) and are just taking up space in my hallway, since I don’t really have room for it. That’s also why I’m going to sell it and buy myself a PDA instead