This weekend I paid a little visit to a small country known as Denmark. I didn’t actually set foot in Denmark, but I was in danish waters. The guys at work and I went on a small boating trip with the cruise-ferry M/S Peter Wessel. We had a three course dinner which was very, very delicious. Then we started partying… until the next morning. Been a while since I’ve partyed that long… Guess I’m turning older.
All night a hot woman in a short, sexy, turqoise dress had teased us the entire evening. She knew she was hot and she knew we were looking. Down at the disco she danced on a stage next to the dancefloor, all by herself. Suddenly she put on a show pulling her skirt-line up to her armpits flashing her matching thong. Everybody was shocked and drooling, and suddenly one guy runs up to her, dances like crazy around her for some minutes, then runs out of the disco, dragging her behind. Half-an-hour later she returned… alone… It was quite a nice show nonetheless.
All in all the mini-cruise was very succesful and fun. Hope to do it again sometime. But I’ll stop rambling now… I’m dead-tired… and still a bit hungover.