It’s been a while since my last update and I’ll try too have them more frequent this year. But not much has changed since the last time. Christmas has come… and gone. A year has come… and another one gone. Christmas was kinda profitable. I got everything on my wishlist. Seems I was a good boy in ’03. Both a TV/Stereo "Home Entertainment Section" (Well, at least the money for it), a new shelf for my ever increasing DVD collection (I’m up to my third shelf now), a CD and a DVD. I also got some gift certificates I used to buy even more DVDs (Too see which, just find them elsewhere on the site).
New Years Eve was pretty calm, and I celebrated with some friends. I was also able to snap a few photos of some fireworks, and too see them just find them… oh, you know the drill by now. I spent christmas back home at my parents and got back to Kongsberg today. And that’s worth its own paragraph.

I was almost finished unpacking my car, all but one item, which, of course, was the heaviest and most edgy; a case of Coka Cola bottles. I started walking down towards my door, and my winter shoes was neatly packed inside one of the bags I had already carried inside. Needless to say, my feet slipped on the snow and ice and dissappeared from under me. I landed straight on my back and really got the wind blown out of me, and you can probably guess it: The Coke case fell right on top of my hand. It left a really good, and painful, impression. Oh, what the heck, just take a look for yourself. This is the second time in few weeks I’ve fallen like that. Last time my elbow hurt for several days. Hope it’s not that bad now.
Seems I’ve broke my record for longest blog update, so I’ll stop now, but come back soon and I’ll have updated my CD-, DVD-, and Photo-collection.