Yesterday I got back to work after a very nice holiday. After almost two weeks of falling asleep at around 3:00am and getting up at around 1:15pm my days were completely screwed up, so getting up at 8:00am was really tough. But the day was going to become even tougher. As incredible as it sounds (seeing as I work with computers all day) I actually worked up quite a sweat during my day at work. There’s not much to do at work these days, so I’ve been transfered to another department where there’s plenty of work to put my hands on. This, of course, forced me to move to a new office. I had no idea how much stuff I really had in my old office when I was moving to my new office. Two other colleagues also moved, but I was a bit on the edge and got the best office, which was bigger than the other two offices. I didn’t get fully hooked up with my computer and phone until today, but I did manage to take two panorama shots of my new office. That’s all you’ll hear from me today, since my back is 10 inches shorter and my arms 10 inches longer than normal and most of my muscles are really stiff because of yesterdays exercises.