After months of advertising my wine cooler I finally got it sold. It’s not that I didn’t want it myself, but I simply didn’t have any room for it. If I’d have any room I’d gladly keep it myself. But now it’s sold and I’ve gotten some space in my hallway again.
As I planned, I bought a PDA for the money and I ended up with the iPaq 5550 from Hewlett Packard… also as planned. There was just one problem with the one I bought. I should have smelled the cat when the box was in german. I opened the box and found that all the manuals was in… german. So I turned on the PDA, and you guessed it… it was in german. Now, I haven’t actively read any german since high-school, which is about 8 years ago, so you can understand I had a pretty hard time. But I managed to try out all the features, though I 50% of the time had no idea what I was pressing. Fortunately the guy I bought it from worked at HP and supplied me with an english version. So now I can understand everything on it. No more "L?schen" to delete a file (and what word is that anyway. I don’t want to loosen the file. I want it removed!)