There’s been a lot going on lately. I’m making visual effects for a Lord of the Rings documentary, which of course is really cool. What is not cool is that I’m running a risk of being temporarily laid off from work due to a low workload (but I would get back this fall). This would cause a temporary unemployment with reduced income, which, needless to say, is not very welcome. I did apply for another position in another branch of my company, but two other guys got the offered positions (probably after a toss-up). But there are rumors that some other collegues are pulling some strings to get me back into the project I used to be in. I’ve got an informal meeting on monday so I’ll probably know more then.
But the greatest news is that I had my 27th birthday a week ago (what is not so great about that is that I’ve never been this close to 50). My parents, grandma and an aunt came to visit (and that takes a 2 hour drive each way) which was very nice even if it required me to clean up my appartment the day before. So they all brought presents, and I got what I wanted. A powertool, camera tripod and a bluetooth adapter for my laptop. So all things taken into account it’s been a pretty average period with both positives and negatives.