Lots has happened since I announced the company trip. Which, by the way, was excellent, and the full story including photos and video can be found in the photoalbum.
OK, I might have promised to much when I said that lots has happened, so I’ll rephrase and say ‘some’ instead.
First of all I’ve been offered, and have accepted, a job at another department at work. In this new job I will perform the exact same duties I’m doing now and will get exactly the same paycheck. So why accept? Because of a low workload with my other department (and a high load in the new) I’d rather have a stable job instead of running the risk of being temporarily laid off work.
Last week was also kind of a bummer since I was ill on thursday and friday. A classic summer flu with fever and a throat that felt like your average cactus. I must admit it was a bit strange to lie on the couch and thinking it started to get a bit cold inside, looked at the thermometer and found it to be 25 degrees Celcius. In other words not cold at all. But the flu has flown and I’m back in tip-top shape.