Things just aren’t going my way these days. A couple of weeks ago we had our first snow. I had already changes the tires on my car to the winter tires but still it was slippery as hell, so I drove really slow. But that just didn’t help. In a crossing I was going left, but my car just kept on sliding forward in the direction of a centre strip. I slammed the brakes and laid in a hard left on the steeringwheel while the ABS was working like crazy. The car slowly started turning but it was like watching the Titanic head for the iceberg. It looked like it was just going to make it but a couple of meters before impact I noticed it wouldn’t make it at all. So I slammed into the centre strip. Thankfully, only the wheel rim was dented, so a couple of days later I had that changed.

Then a morning a few days after this event my landlord came knocking on my door telling me there was something with my car. So I went outside to take a look to find one of my windows smashed in. I cursed and checked the inside of my car to find that nothing had been stolen. Actually there was more in the car than when I left it. More precisely about a ton of glass. At least it felt like it when I had to clean it all out. So this was nothing more than plain vandalism since they hadn’t even tried to steal some of the CDs that was out in plain view. I called my insurance company which informed me that if I reported this to the police it would be a vandalism case and it would cost me 2000 NOK and loose the bonus I’d worked up with the company. If I didn’t report it, on the other hand, it would be covered by an entirely different part of my insurance and I wouldn’t need to pay a dime. Irritating as this may be, I ended up not filing a report.
And to top it all off, today I got notice that my employment with the company I work for is terminated due to cutbacks and lack of incoming orders. So I’m now officially out of work (though I’ll still get 4-5 months of pay from the company and don’t have to leave work until 31 march. That’s a hell of a christmas present to give to me and the about 40 others that has been laid off. But I’m still going to the christmas party the company has tomorrow to have some free food and booze. And I promise I won’t lay a hand on the bosses… A foot, on the other hand ;)