It hurts. My muscles hurt. Been doing way to much physical activity these last few days. I’ve changed tyres on my car (from winter to summer), my band had marching excercises and I’ve bought a couple of new shelves for my DVD-collection. I don’t usually do much of this physical stuff so now I’m paying the price. Although I finished one of the shelves on tuesday I had to dismantel it again because I had put two of the pieces upsidedown. That made all the shelves to have a nice 30 degree tilt. Totally acceptable for a piece of art, not for a piece of furniture. But I think the livingroom turned out for the better though.
Tomorrow I’m actually going to the town of Bergamo in the north of Italy together with my collegues. This is strictly a pleasure trip. No business involved… Although I did plan on going down to Rome to convince the new pope to take the name Palpatine II instead of Benedict XVI.
Stay tuned for updates on how the trip was, and a new photoalbum dedicated to it.