After about 6 months of procrastination I’ve finally performed my server upgrade. That’s also the reason my homepage was offline a couple of weeks ago. The new server is a Pentium II 300MHz so it’s deffinately faster than the previous Pentium MMX 166MHz. Not everything went smoothly though, as I found out yesterday. I seem to have modified a setting in the PHP configuration file which made none of my homepages work. It took several hours to fix this, but I think all the wrinkles should be ironed out now.
For those interrested in my TV habits, I’m now officially an addict to the show "Lost". I’m also watching Alias, Star Trek: Enterprise, Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle on a regular basis. I’ve taken a break in my Star Trek marathon (I’ve gotten to season two of Deep Space Nine) and have started ploughing through Farscape. It’s deffinately a… special… show and also slightly entertaining so I’ll keep watching it. Have to see through all the four seasons and the miniseries.
That should be enough for now. Back to the TV for me.