New record. Four and a half months without an update. Never mind that. I write now. That’s what counts.
So, lately, I’ve been to Denmark with my orchestra, but you already know that, of course, because you’ve seen the photo updates. And I’ve been to a wonderful fireworks concert, but you know that too because of the photos. And you’ve also seen the photos from the Lord of the Rings Symphony and my teambuilding with my co-workers, so no need to talk about that either. So what’s left to talk about?
I’ve bought myself a new cellphone. A shiny Nokia 6230i with a 1.3 megapixel camera, bluetooth, and a lot of other functionality I’ll never use. Yes, it even came with a phone. The final picture in the LOTR Symphony photo album is actually a composite of 3-4 photos taken with my cellphone.
What’s not so cool is that I currently don’t have the phone at all. 1 day after I unpacked it, I noticed a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. The next day there were two, and the following it had increased to three or four. So I’ve sent it back to the shop to have it fixed. I’ve been waiting for three weeks now, and now they’re waiting for parts from Nokia, so it’ll probably take another week or two before I can have it back. So don’t go sending me lots of MMS messeages yet.
But now I’ll go make myself a nice, hot, sweet cup of tea and put on a fresh episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I have to relax now since I’ve got a serious cold coming on. I had major problems thinking straight at work today, so I really need all the rest I can get… until my dad calls me later to get help setting up his new laptop and wireless network.