I thought it’d be smart to write something again before christmas. In my previous post I told you about my new cellphone. Now I even have an image of it. As you can see, customized to my every need.
The first snow has also come… and gone again… and come back for good this winter. Temperatures have gone up and down like a jo-jo, but they seem to have stabilized on about -5C for now. As you all know, not the perfect weather/temperature combination for an anti-winter person as myself. But I have to admit it certainly adds to the christmas feeling, so I give it permission to stay for christmas.

I’ve also bought some new DVDs and CDs, as can be expected when I’m being left unattended for some months. One of the CDs was very special. The soundtrack for Tim Burton’s "Corpse Bride" was signed by the composer, Danny Elfman, himself! For this I owe a huge thanks to Jeric, the webmaster of StreamingSoundtracks.com. This offer was only valid for customers in the US and Canada, and you all know perfectly well I live several time zones away from there. But he bought it for me and sent it over here. Not only was the cover extremelt schweet, but the soundtrack itself was some of Elfman’s best stuff.
Last update I was going to watch a new episode of DS9. Now I’ve seen all the episodes… of all the Star Trek series (excluding the original and animated series), so I’ve gone through a bit of a Star Trek withdrawal (hmmm… that’s a good excuse for not having updated this blog in a while), which is why I haven’t updated this blog in a while. But I’ve started watching a new series now; Stargate SG-1 (and Stargate Atlantis when I get that far). I’m currently at the end of the middle of the beginning of season 6, so it shouldn’t be long until I’ve catched up with what is aired on (US) TV.
In an hour or so I’ll be driving back home to my parents for christmas, so I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very, merry christmas; From all of me to all of you!