Christmas came and went, and I got all boring presents. Of course, I’d only put boring presents on my list that year, so at least I got what I wanted.
But lets go to more recent events. The last couple of weeks I’d had some backpain that just wouldn’t go away. My neck, shoulders and upper back hurt whenever I moved around. So every day last week, and one day this week, I had sessions with a chiropractor who "broke" my back into working order. No matter how good anyone is at their work, I still find it rather alarming to hear big cracks in my back. But it helped. My back is now just as good as it has been before, if not even a notch better. Apparently I have a slight birth defect in my back (the chiropractor told me I had a "flat spot", whatever that means). That, combined with me apparently being hyper-mobile (Being bendy. I can, though not to the same degree as I could before, put my legs behind my head) lead to me easily falling into a wrong seating attitude, which is what has caused this pain.

Recent TV news: I’ve caught up with the US transmissions of Stargate (both SG-1 and Atlantis), so I watched all 13 aired episodes of Prison Break last weekend. So now I’m all out of stuff to look at, except the shows that are aired on a weekly basis now (Lost, Stargate, Invasion, Simpsons, and starting in march, Prison Break and Alias). I think I’ll try to find some Firefly and Battlestar Galactica the next weeks.
One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post; I attended a big halloweenparty on around October 30th. And I actually won a prize for my costume as well. I dressed up in my Jedi outfit and won the prize for "Most authentic costume". I won 4 DVDs (Napoleon Dynamite, and three horror movies) and haven’t watched any of them yet. All this TV-show watching has really put my DVD collection on hold. I’ve now got a backlog of 10-12 DVDs that I have, but haven’t watched yet. I wonder when I will find the time.
Oh, and one last thing; I’m now an administrator over at!