I’ve got myself a new job! When my orchestra played in the national ski jump championship on January 25th, I asked a fellow musicman if he knew if anyone was hiring, and he told me the company he worked for was looking for someone. So the next day I sent him my resum? and didn’t think any more of it. Suddenly last week he IM’d me and asked if I was free to come talk with his manager the following day, which I of course was. I went over there and had a nice chat with him. Then on monday he called me back for a second interview, this time also with the boss of the company. The interview went very well, and I think I impressed them on a couple of points, and I went back home, excited to hear the results the next day. Instead, around 10pm-ish I got a text message on my cellphone as well as an e-mail telling me I got the position! So on tuesday I went over there and signed the papers, and went back to my current job and handed in my resignation papers. It will be so good to have a permanent position instead of being a hired hand that can be fired at any moment.
So on April 3rd I’m starting my new job at Itum, where I will use my programming skills in both .NET and Java to program webportals, netshops, and other customized solutions.