I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this, and I’ve started to realize that I should probably forget about trying to update ever week or so. But I’ll still update it from time to time, when something worth mentioning happens in my life… and this is one such occation.

A couple of weeks ago I heard a small, high pitched, scratchy sound after I had gone to bed (you know, the kind that’s impossible to locate). I didn’t think any more of it, and thought something happened in the room above, which is really none of my concern. However, the next days I started noticing that same sound every night, so one night after I had gone to bed and heard that sound again, I got up and stood in different places around the room to try to locate the sound. When I finally put my head inside the window frames, I could clearly hear it coming from there. So, the next day I took a look outside my bedroom window, and found a steady stream of hornets going in and out between the skirting around the window. Apparently I had a hornets nest inside the wall.
So the next day the landlord and I took off the outside skirting around the window, sprayed in lots of poison and sealed all open crevasses. This took great care of the problem, since that night I couldn’t hear a single scratching sound, and the next day no hornets was outside the window.
Problem solved!…… or so I thought!

Last night at around 4am I could feel something on my thigh, and at the same time something on my arm. I swooped at my thigh and noticed I had a small lump in my hand which I threw on the floor. I turned on the lights to see what it was, and found a hornet walking around the floor. The remaining hornets in the wall had survived the initial poison attack and had now found a way inside my bedroom. I couldn’t find the one that walked on my arm, though, so after I had guided the hornet on the floor outside and went back to bed, it wasn’t easy falling asleep. You try falling asleep when you know there’s a hornet in the room with you!
A couple of hours later I could feel something walking on my calf, and there it was… the second hornet. I managed to guide that out as well, and went back to bed, certain that there was no more danger… And then; more scratching in the walls… and now I knew they had a way inside!
I’m sure they were all doped up on the poison, because the two hornets weren’t really active. The one I grabbed in the hand should have stung me had he been alert enough. I’m sure this wasthe conversation between the two hornets that had climbed around on me the first time (spoken in a slow surfer’s accent):

– Dude… Where are you?
– I’m on the leg, man… Where are you?
– On the arm… Dude, I thought we, like, agreed to meet up here.
– Whatever… Hey, man… Check out those polkadotted pinky-toes… Far out!
– Totally radical, dude!

Back to the point. I went back to sleep and had no more troubles the next two hours (though I had a huge lump of anxiety in my chest, that a huge cloud of hornets formed as a devil’s hand would suddenly burst out from the wall and surround me).
When the alarm clock started and I got up, I took a look in the window, and found one slow moving hornet, which I, again, politely showed the door. I checked the window again when I got back from the office to find yet another doped hornet just sitting there, waiting to be thrown out (though that one put up more of a fight with the Leatherman tool I used to grab them).
And now it’s time to go to bed again, knowing that, if there are any hornets left, they’ll be less doped, and probably out for revenge.

I think this is the longest blog entry so far, so I’ll stop there and go to bed. Wish me luck, and hope the bedbugs won’t bite me!