Last night it happened again. I woke up and felt something in my hair. After much shaking it all about, a hornet fell out. After some more crazy shaking to make sure no other hornets were crawling somewhere on me, I guided the one hornet outside. Knowing what happened on monday, I was now pretty fed up with these nightly visits.
I fetched my Maglite and shined between the wall and the inner skirting around the window to see if I could find where they were coming out. In one particular place where the skirting stood a bit out of the wall, I could see two pair of legs crawling around (strictly speaking there were 12 legs). I then found the one nail I had lying around in my appartment and banged it into the skirting to make the crack as small as possible to try to prevent them from crawling out (this was at 3am in the morning!). I then sprayed lots of poison into all the crevasses around the skirting. I could hear that this prompted lots of activity in the skirting; lots of wings flapping against a rigid surface.
With lots of poison in my bedroom I folded out the guest bed from under my couch and went to sleep in the living room, which is not an easy task, as that room has an average temperature of 27 degrees in summer, and with no light-blocking curtains in the room, the sun starts to come into the room at around 4am. This makes it practically impossible to sleep.
So with a week of hardly any quality sleep I look forward to spending the weekend, and two bonus days at my parents place in my old room in the basement (which makes it cool) with nothing to worry about at night… except the spiders.