A while ago I attended my cousin’s wedding. She was just as beautiful as a bride should be, and they both proclaimed their "yes" in front of a couple of very proud parents.
After having spent an excruciating 30 minutes in the church (as most of you know, I don’t have much patience to spare when it comes to "god talk") we went out to the bride’s home where the parents had ordered a big party tent and put it up on the solid rock in their back yard, overlooking the Oslo fjord (it was such a great view that words alone couldn’t describe it).

But the "fun" didn’t start until the party some hours later. After having finished the first course and the waitresses had taken out the dishes, it started dripping a bit from the sky, a huge boom drowned out all conversation and the sky literally opened up. We all sat under the tent, of course, but at one point it rained almost horizontally, so the people in the wrong end of the tent started getting wet. Suddenly there was folks buzzing around everywhere putting up the walls of the tent.
But in the opening beneath the tent and the kitchen they had placed the equipment for the band that was scheduled to play later. And since it was between the house and the tent, it wasn’t protected from above. So a lot of folks rushed a cover in place and hanged it over the equipment… except that instead of leading the water away, it collected it like a huge balloon instead. So the usher started to poke at it with a broomstick to try to push the water out of it, but instead made it flow over all the edges onto the people trying to help below. They got out another cover and just laid in onto the equipment in addition to the hanging one.
A couple of minutes later we heard a tearing sound, and saw the entire hanging cover coming down with lots of water… on top of all the helpers below. Too bad only the men helped, because I’d love to have seen the three hot women that was there in soaking wet dresses.
After about 30-45 minutes of desperate measures the rain subsided and we could get on with the main course.
And since I was only an invited guest I really enjoyed the weather… sitting still in my chair, watching everybody working and not having to worry about doing any work myself.