When I first heard that Ennio Morricone was having his first ever concert in the United States, I was intruiged at being part of this special occasion. However, since I am from Norway, this seemed a little far fetched, but the notion of seeing Maestro Morricone conduct his own works was really tempting. After all he is one of the greatest film music composers there is, with an incredible track record.
When word of this concert spread to the community over at StreamingSoundtracks.com (SST), everybody jumped out of their seats and purchased tickets. Suddenly everybody I knew, and then some, from SST
was going, and the temptation for me to go grew beyond its limits, and I decided to go as well. To experience Morricone’s music performed live on stage, with the Maestro himself conducting, together with the greatest online film music community was suddenly a reality. I had to live off bread and cold water for a couple of months to afford the flight and hotel, but I will get a visual and auditory refund like I will never get again, which makes it all worthwile… and then some. I’m leaving tomorrow at 0530.