Geert Wilders, who is the leader of the Dutch Freedomparty, has made a short film named "Fitna" that is very critical about Islam, and he released it to the world during a recent press conference. The film has been published on the party’s website (an English version can be seen here).
The Dutch authorities fear riots both in the Netherlands and internationally (with good reason when you look at all the trouble the Muhammed caricatures made) and I bet there will be loud protests from the Muslim communities around the world.
I have just seen the film myself and felt like I had to comment about it, and what better way to do it than through my new blog :)

The movie consists of some verses from the Quran primarily telling Muslims to kill non-believers, followed by disturbing and violent images and videos of Muslim fundamentalists following the verses to the letter. In this sentence lies the core flaw of this film. All the acts are performed by Muslim fundamentalists, and this film just ends up being one big appeal to emotion.
Don’t get me wrong here. Muslim fundamentalists are a dangerous breed of humans. But so are Christian fundamentalists. Don’t forget all the bombings and killings of abortion clinics and doctors.
Also, the Quran verses depicted in this movie are not unique. Similar verses can be found in the Christian Bible. Does that make them right? Of course not, but it shows that Islam is not the only religion with those kinds of views, and that it all comes down to who interprets the texts.
"This film will show that the Quran is inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror", Wilders said during the press conference. And how are the Muslim communities around the world going to react to this film? With intolerance, murder and terror. And that’s exactly the great irony of this story.

UPDATE: have removed the video from their website because of pressure from various Muslim religion groups. I’m a big supporter of freedom of speech, so I’m sad to see give in the the pressure.

The movie is still availabel at Google Video