There’s a new documentary out now called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" (do they fail to see the self deprecating irony in the title?) hosted by ’80s Cool Guy Ben Stein, nonetheless. It deals with how creationist "scientists" aren’t being taken seriously by the scientific community.
Any real scientist knows that creationism has no valid scientific marks since the "theory" can’t be falsified (which is a major point in any real scientific theory), and they always claim, in the end, that "god did it". Besides, "creationism" is just "Intelligent Design" disguised as another word.
This is all a bit too much for me to delve into, but thankfully there are other people out there to make my life so much easier:
I strongly recommend reading everything on that site, and please also link to that site as much as you can, since it will make it get higher on the result list when people Google the movie.