I’ve recently noticed that Twitter is starting to become the next big thing. Articles about it have started popping up in online magazines, newspapers, and even good folks like actor/writer/comedian Wil Wheaton has started blogging about how good it is.
I registered on that site well over a year ago, so at least I found out about it before all the hype started. I don’t use it as much as other folks do, but I can clearly see the novelty of it all. And this is my main problem with twitter (though it might have something to do with me getting too old not being as young and hip as I used to). For me it’s nothing but a novelty. I’m not saying it’s a bad service, and I will try to use it more to get into the movement, but the practical and useful purpose of it all is lost on me.
In any case, feel free to check out my (rare) updates about my everyday life on my Twitter profile.