My trusty old laptop is getting noticeably older. It’s not as fast as I remember it being when it was new (newer and faster computers both at home and at the office has that effect), the coverings are starting to come up, and the power supply has started failing. I was also in the need for an airline adapter so that I could use it on the plane from London to Los Angeles (only 6.5 weeks left) and those are ridiculously expensive for this old model. So I figured I needed a new laptop, and what did I end up with? An Apple MacBook! I’ve always been a PC and Microsoft guy, and yet I ended up buying a MacBook. Why?
First of all I thought I’d try something new. New is always good. Second I needed a no-hassle laptop that just works without me having to do much tinkering. Third, it came with a cheap airline adapter.
The next days will be very exciting learning how to use it. Experimenting with technology is exactly what us geeks of today live for, so life is beautiful.

PS: This was posted from my brand new MacBook. My first blog entry from the new laptop.