I’ve started taking lessons to learn a new subsection of my music skills. I’ve started playing the cello! After some 20 years of playing the euphonium it was about time to pick up some new skills. I’ve always admired string instruments, and during the last year or two I’ve admired the cello more and more, up to the point of wanting to learn how to play it myself. During the last months I’ve come to the conclusion that a cello is really the string equivalent to a euphonium. After all, whenever we play classical pieces in my orchestra, the cello parts are always given to the euphonium. That’s when I figured out I wanted to learn how to play the cello.
I started taking lessons a few weeks ago and are still at the stage where I’m playing scales and trying to strike the correct strings, but I’m noticing progress.
Stay tuned for international tour dates with Yo-Yo Ma!

A bonus shout out to my mom. Happy birthday!!! :D

Photo by Anthony Thomas