Someone has actually found the script for my infamous Star Wars fanfilm on my server, and they actually liked it. They sent it around, and what goes around comes around. A few weeks ago it came back to me with a major seal of approval; from Lucasfilm itself! (though not directly from George Lucas).
They liked my writing style and ideas and would like me to join the writing team for the new Star Wars live action TV-series coming out later this year. Of course, I can’t say much about this with a very strict Non-Disclosure Agreement tying my hands, which also prevented me from telling you about it before the 2nd quarter of 2009. I can give you this little teaser, though. A female bounty hunter who has Force abilities, will get a decent story line outside of my own Jedi Refugee universe.
Stay tuned for more information as the writing process continues and progresses into production. I’m an open person and always open to suggestions, so if you have any good ideas please leave a comment.