5 weeks ago today I was scheduled to have jaw surgery because my jaw keeps popping out of its joint (It’s very annoying and can hurt pretty bad if it happens and I close my mouth quickly without thinking about wether it popped out or not). I got up very early in the morning, took the train to Oslo and a bus to the hospital. I waited, talked to a doctor, waited, waited some more, a nurse took a few samples of blood, waited again, until finally… I was told to go home since they wouldn’t have time to do the surgery on my the next day after all. The person scheduled to have surgery in front of me got a more extensive surgery than planned, so they bumped me off the schedule (Those following me on Twitter already know all of this, of course).
I was pretty bummed out by this, of course, but there wasn’t really anything I could do about it so I took the bus and train back home again.
In one week I’m scheduled to go the hospital again for another shot at the surgery, so to the other person scheduled for surgery the same day (June 5th), please cancel your appointment so that there’s no danger of me loosing mine.
Stay tuned because I will try to update my Twitter to keep you up to date on everything regarding the surgery.