A few weeks ago I drove to the office as I usually do in the morning. At the last intersection before my office building I was turning left and noticed a car standing a bit further out than normal in the intersection, but he was waiting for me and I took a nice and wide turn around him. When I was right in front of him he suddenly started driving forwards towards me, and since I was in the middle of my turn I had nowhere to go, so he hit my car. The collision was at very low speed so fortunately no injuries or serious damage to either of the cars. Still, my car got a nice little dent and some scrapes right in front of my rear left tire, as well as on my wheel hub.
We both stopped and filled out the accident report and sent them to our insurance companies. Earlier this week I got a letter from my company saying that I was completely without blame and that my insurance will cover all the repairs. Not really a surprise since I came from the right and the other guy had to yield (and he even had a yield sign to top it off).
So next week my car will be admitted to the car hospital to get it’s dent fixed and the damaged panel repainted (quite a big panel as you can see in the photoshopped photo highlighting the panel). My insurance also gives me a rental car while the repair shop works on my car, so it’ll be nice to have a "new" car for a few days.

In other car news:

Every two years all Norwegian car owners have to get their car approved according to EU regulations (even though Norway is not part of the EU. Weird stuff for another blog post). A month back they found some rust on the brake pipes that had to be changed to make my car pass the approval. Earlier this week my car was in the shop getting it fixed, and that certainly was expensive enough. NOK 8769 (around USD 1350)!!! Not exactly what I needed this month (you don’t need that any month, really). At least my brakes are now okay and should be okay for the EU regulation approvals the next 10 years (because my car is 10 years old this year).