Last night, just before brushing my teeth before going to bed, I noticed something dark in the corner of my eye. I turned around and saw this monstrosity. Having mild to heavy arachnophobia I actually let out a short scream and suddenly found myself in the adjoining room.
After calming down I got my Nikon and attached the macro lens and snapped a few shots to document the creature. I then brushed it into a bucket (with some toilet paper. Not with my hand. Are you crazy!?) (it actually made quite a thud when it hit the bottom of the bucket) and then emptied the bucket into the toilet.
Now, about the arachnophobia. Me being scientific, and a critical and rational thinker, I know perfectly well that it is an irrational fear to be afraid of spiders. Yet, with this knowledge, I still can’t help the small of my back cringing when I see one. Especially when they’re that close before I catch sight of them. In a way, it’s good to see that my primal instincts still work.
Yes, this makes me a bit of a wuss, but I’ll accept that any day. At least I’m not afraid of other kinds of animals, like snakes… or snails.


After some research it seems that this spider is a Tegenaria Atrica, a funnel-web spider in the Agelenidae family.