Today is the World Blood Donor Day. Donating blood is such an easy thing to do, and is also a very easy way to help save lives. You only give about 15-30 minutes of your time, and a pint of blood. Seeing how many lives are saved each year because of blood donors, the choice shouldn’t really be that hard to make, but still there is a profound lack of available blood in hospitals around the world.

I am, of course, a donor. Even though I hate syringes and needles, I go through with the donation roughly once every three months. Being such an easy way to help others, I gladly do it. I get a gift from the local hospital every time I do it, but I would continue doing it even if I got nothing at all.

Use today as an incentive to go to your local blood bank and sign up to be a donor! If you’re at work, tell your boss you’re taking a few moments off work to go register. The boss should welcome this action. If he doesn’t, remind him that some day maybe he or his family could be needing blood.
I’m doing my part, are you?

For more information, see the following sites:

American Red Cross, USA
Give Blood, UK, Norway