My sister got married on Saturday, September 1.
There was a great party with many great speeches. I’m not claiming greatness on my own, but I will post it here (translated to English for my foreign friends) for everybody else to enjoy (for the first time, or again if you were there).
I said it many times that day, but I’ll say it here again.

Congratulations to my sister and her husband!

Both my sister (Elisabeth) and her husband (Fredrik) are teachers, so the toastmaster made the entire experience to be like a class at school. I was the evening’s teacher of the computer class.


If everybody in the class can start their computers, open a web browser, go to Google and search for my name, you will all see that I’m not only Elisabeth’s brother, but, if there were any doubts, her older brother.

The two of us have done a lot of stuff when we were younger, and we have both been both bad and good to each other. I don’t necessarily remember much of this, but thankfully there are lots of pictures in our parents’ house.

One of the best pictures from our childhood is me rolling you around in a toy stroller made of wood. I still find it a bit strange that you’re now rolling around a little rascal of your own.

Something I do remember is a certain pajama party.

Elisabeth was home alone for the very first time and had a sleepover pajama party with her friends. I was studying in Kongsberg at that time, so everything was set for a proper girl party. [Note: Kongsberg is about 120km from our parents house, or almost 3 hours by train.]
What Elisabeth and the other girls didn’t know was that I had travelled back home and snuck into the house without them noticing. Dressed in a black robe and a Ghostface mask I ran screaming into the living room.
The screams from the girls quickly drowned mine. Elisabeth actually started to cry, and as the good brother I am I don’t regret that stunt for even a moment.

I always counted on you finding yourself a handsome, kind, pleasant and no-frills kind of guy. Why you ended up with Fredrik is very good question! Because after all the stories I heard at his bachelor party I’m so sure about all those points any more.
But seriously, Fredrik really is a kind, pleasant and no-frills kind of guy and it’s really nice to have you as my brother-in-law.

This is a day you have worked a lot to reach, and I’m sure everybody here agrees with me that all that work has truly paid off.

I wish that your future brings good luck and good fortune.