I have bad techno karma. When I’m trying out new hardware/software something always goes wrong.┬áThis time it is Windows 10.

I installed Windows 10 just fine. After installing all the drivers I noticed I needed to update my BIOS, which I did. Everything continued to work just find and I installed some applications. After a while I noticed that I had one harddrive too much, so I figured the BIOS update had just disabled my RAID. “No biggie, I’ll just reboot, turn RAID back on and everything is hunky dory.” Cue techno karma.

After turning on RAID Windows 10 now refused to start. I couldn’t even repair the installation, so I had to reinstall everything.

Having not used RAID for an hour there was data mismatch between the two harddrives. Windows 10 noticed that something was wrong but was unable to fix it. So I used Intel’s own driver / tool to make sure the RAID is verified, which worked just fine.

Now, however, everything has gotten really slow, I can’t open the start menu, I can’t right click icons in the taskbar, I can’t open utilities in the system tray. I’m not alone in having this problem, but it seems like I have to do yet another reinstall this evening. This will be the third reinstall so far (the second was because of a fault completely of my own and not related to the techno karma) and I’m fairly certain there will be even more coming down the road thanks to my lovely karma.


My first impressions of Windows 10 are good, though. There are a few unfamiliar changes, but not so big that they are completely foreign.