Last night a group from my orchestra, and I, went to Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo to attend the annual Christmas concert from the group Penthouse Playboys. The concert was extremely entertaining. Those guys really know how to put on a show. They played lots of covers ranging from Wham’s "Last Christmas", golden oldies, to even older Swedish popular songs.
Their guest artist, Tone Damli Aaberge (Norwegian Idol finalist, elected one of Norway’s most sexiest women by several magazines, and still only 19 years old, but burning hot) joined in on some of the songs, as well as a couple of solo numbers.
All in all the concert was very successful, but the real fun didn’t start until after the concert.

The current conductor of our orchestra plays the trumpet in the backing band, so he got us discounted tickets. Actually, we didn’t have tickets at all. All our names was on a list at the entrance.
When the concert was over we joined the conductor for a chat in front of the stage, and when enough people from our group had left he brought the rest of us backstage for the follow-on party, so I’ve now partied with the band and miss hotness herself; Tone (as you can see by the main photo in this blog entry).
Backstage there was free food and booze, but since I’m still fighting off some residues from a heavy cold I had last week I only helped myself to the free cans of soft drinks. We had a great time talking with our conductor and members of the band. A member from our group was extremely starstruck by Tone, though. He was quite beside himself the entire time he was there, and finally found the courage to ask her to sign something for him, which turned out to be his arm (as you can see by another one of the photos in this blog entry). It was a real hoot to watch him act like that, since he’s usually very self-confident.
After a while I noticed it was starting to get a bit late, and I was the last of my group at the party, so I told the conductor I was going to drive home. He then asked me if I could give him a ride back home since his apartment was the way I was heading. I agreed, and he was only going to finish off a cigarette. One cigarette turned into many, and suddenly all the other guests had left, and I found myself alone with my conductor and the rest of the band (including Tone).
We found out Tone lived right nearby the conductor so she asked if she could hitch a ride as well, and I’m not one to decline hot women a ride. After we’d gotten into the car the rest of the band (lead guitarist with his wife, and the percussionist) called the conductor and asked if they could hitch a ride as well since it was impossible to get a cab in Oslo last night. Since their places was on the way back home as well, I agreed.
So not only did I get to party with the band, I also got to drive them home. They were extremely thankful I volunteered to drive them back home, and promised me a place on their VIP list for the rest of my life, and lots of drinks if they were ever to come to Kongsberg… though I doubt I’ll ever get to cash in those favors, I’m glad they were so thankful and not acting like extremely arrogant celebrities. They were really just ordinary people like myself (but with a much cooler job, of course).
So I’d say this was a very successful evening. Not everybody can brag about having Tone Damli Aaberge singing in the backseat of their car (yes, she actually started singing with the other band members). Though I’m really tired in my head and eyes (since I didn’t get back home until 0510 and didn’t get to bed until 0530 this morning) this evening was definately worth it.