I’m in Las Vegas now. The weather is nice and hot… a lot hotter than what I’m used to. Today it’s about 40C, and apparently that’s cooler than what it can get. I’m glad I came here when I did.
I had a wonderful drive from San Diego to Las Vegas (via Kingman and Tuba City, both in Arizona). I got to fly a helicopter through Grand Canyon, have a boat trip on the Colorado River in the bottom of the canyon, and saw some great Western-movie landscapes in Monument Valley.
I visited the Hoover Dam today, which was impressively large, and are going to have some dinner soon. I’m so busy I haven’t even gambled yet, but I might try some tonight.
Yesterday I saw the show "Ka" by Cirque de Soleil which was very good. I’m amazed at what those artists can do with their bodies. Tomorrow I’ll see "Phantom of the Opera", which supposedly is the best performance of "Phantom" ever.
Tuesday I leave Las Vegas behind me to go to Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, and to end up in San Francisco, where I hope to make another update.
Until then…