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Once In A White Moon

Looking back at getting lost near Grand Canyon

Having recently published my big Californian vacation video to YouTube I think it’s time to reminisce a bit about my adventures. As you already know from seeing the video and by photos in my photo album I went to Grand Canyon. Before traveling to the US, a colleague of mine mentioned the place where he visited Grand Canyon West and suggested I go there to.I looked up the place on Google Maps, found the GPS coordinates and plotted those into my GPS to get driving directions.My colleague warned me that the drive would seem a bit wrong because you would have to go onto some gravel roads, so when my GPS directed me onto a gravel road I didn’t think much of it.I did get […] Read more

Volcanic refugee

I recently had to attend a class in Copenhagen, Denmark, to get to learn the CMS system we use at the office a little more in detail. I had planned on taking a flight down there on a Wednesday, attending the class Thursday and Friday, then flying back home Friday evening. However, Iceland didn’t quite want it to go down like that.

LaCrosse country

During my recent trip to USA I rented a car for the first time in my life. I was going to drive many, many kilometers and I certainly wasn’t planning on walking the distance, and public transportation wouldn’t take me to all the places I wanted to go, so I chose the freedom of having a car instead of being environmentally aware.I arrived at the Avis car rental facility at LAX about an hour after having landed, excited about what kind of car I would get. I originally reserved a "Chevrolet Impala or similar". I’d heard stories of people getting the "or similar" and getting a cheap Asian car (still nice cars, but I wanted an American car for my big American road trip). I […] Read more

Reminiscing USA… and T-shirts

During the next weeks I’ll be reminiscing some of my experiences during my big USA vacation. I’ll start off by talking about t-shirts. This might not sound very exciting, but some of the T-shirts I wore created some funny situations. In Las Vegas, when I took the elevator up to the restaurant in Stratosphere Tower a maintenance guy took the elevator with me (in addition to the female elevator operator). I was wearing my "Save the cheerleader…" t-shirt (advertising the TV-show "Heroes"), but the maintenance guy didn’t see the Heroes logo and was wondering if I was a cheerleader. I said "No" and pointed to the Heroes logo and explained that it was a TV show. The elevator operator then continued asking him if it […] Read more