Once In A White Moon - by Gina Therese Hvidsten
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Once In A White Moon

California Dreamin’

I’m finally here. After weeks of preparation. Days of trying to adjust to the new time zone. Hours of not sleeping on the plane. The plane ride was the longest I’ve ever had. And the final 3 hours (of the 11 hour flight) was extremely boring. At least I got to see some mountains, fields and towns during our decent to LAX.I’m still jetlagged. I’ve already been up for over an hour, and it’s only 6:30am. I hope I’ll adjust some more tonight.Now I’m just about to head downstairs to have some breakfast before I have to pack my backpack and head to Disneyland.More reports to follow ;)

California vacation video prequel

Now that my big California vacation is closing in I’ve finally been able to finish its prequel; The vacation movie from when I visited New York City in February 2007. There’s been a lot of late nights these past days to get it finished, but now it is and I’m very happy with the result.You can see the result for yourself by downloading the DVD. I’ve made it available as a torrent, to spread the load, and for more easy sharing between everybody.The torrent can be found here, and I suggest a torrent client like uTorrent (Windows) or Transmission (OSX) to download the DVD. Note to close friends and family: You don’t need to download since I’ll probably come show it to you personally ;)