Why not make this Whitsun weekend a Whitestone weekend? After months (years?) of work I’m finally officially releasing my brand new website, which means my old website will close down (I’ll make a version of it available somewhere sometime, but it will not be a big event like this).

Why change?

My old site was getting, well, old. The backend was extremely customized to my needs only, which is good in a way, but not really thinking ahead.

With this page I’m taking a step away from a completely personalized solution to a more commercial one as I’m now using WordPress as the main engine behind my website. This gives me a much better engine when it comes to publishing posts. Not that I really need it because you all know I write so extremely often </sarcasm>.

I have also made WordPress plugins of my custom functionality (Movies and Photos) which I may release to the public in the future. That way someone else may find use of my work and it’s not only extremely internal.

I probably won’t write any more often than I already do, and what I do write will be mostly technical stuff, but I’ll still keep the movie collection and photo albums updated when I have some new content to share.

So, congratulations to me, and here’s to a relaxing Whitsun weekend where I can relax and not work on this site.


If you find any bugs or tips for improvements, leave a comment below.