Once In A White Moon - by Gina Therese Hvidsten
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Once In A White Moon

Holiday cleaning

This Whitsun holiday the holy spirit certainly came over me, and I cleaned up my appartment… Which was long overdue. It set a whole new standard for the word "Dust Bunny"… Actually I think "Dust Tiger of Death" is more appropriate. But it all turned very nice, and I even did a little refurnishing and got myself a bit more room in my livingroom.Oh… and I almost forgot. This is my sisters 20th birthday, so she’s not a teenager anymore. Happy birthday sis. Seems like you’re finally growing up too :D

What’s this? A brand new website?

No, it’s still my homepage, but in a new wrapping! To celebrate my 10th anniversary on the World Wide Web i decided to totally redesign my website. Not only because I didn’t like the old design, but also to add new features for your benefit.So please take a look at the shiny new site, make comments where available, and send me some feedback on how you think the new site turned out.