Once In A White Moon - by Gina Therese Hvidsten
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Once In A White Moon

Annual BBQ

Two of days ago, it was once again time for my annual BBQ. I invited friends from all about for some nice food and lots of beverages of course. We had a great time, and I think I got a little too much to drink. Not that I had a great time, but the next day I had a killer hangover. Mental note: 1 bottle of red wine, 4 Smirnov Ice and 2-3 glasses of generously mixed Fjellbekk (Vodka, Aquavit and Sprite) is too much. I was really tired when everybody left, and lied down in the hallway for about half-an-hour before getting to bed. Our cat was really confused with me lying on the floor, and walked around me miaowed before lying down beside […] Read more

Glorious day of DVD

This certainly was a glorious day for my DVD collection. After careful consideration and calculation, I gave into the urges and ordered 11 DVDs from Play. When one includes the two I ordered from DVDStrax last week, this certainly gives my DVD collection a boost… and my wallet a big black hole. And now that season 2 of "24" has started on norwegian TV, I can at least look forward to seeing all the episodes of "24" without having to wait a whole week for another exciting hour.

Expensive living

The last few days have been really expensive. I got my tax refund and the summer-paycheck from work, and suddenly had a lot of money burning in my pockets. So I finally bought a washing machine, which I have planned to buy for about two years. At least now my mom is happy.I also bought a WiFi network (crappy supplier hasn’t got the goods yet). I finally gave into the urges and got a new cellular phone (Nokia 6310i, with GPRS, WAP, Java, IrDA and Bluetooth) since my old one wasn’t really behaving politely, as it turned itself off when people rang, and when I desperately tried to recharge it, it turned of then as well. Another surprising acquisition are my shiny, new, inline skates. […] Read more

Holiday cleaning

This Whitsun holiday the holy spirit certainly came over me, and I cleaned up my appartment… Which was long overdue. It set a whole new standard for the word "Dust Bunny"… Actually I think "Dust Tiger of Death" is more appropriate. But it all turned very nice, and I even did a little refurnishing and got myself a bit more room in my livingroom.Oh… and I almost forgot. This is my sisters 20th birthday, so she’s not a teenager anymore. Happy birthday sis. Seems like you’re finally growing up too :D