Once In A White Moon - by Gina Therese Hvidsten
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Once In A White Moon

End of year summary

It’s been a while since my last update and I’ll try too have them more frequent this year. But not much has changed since the last time. Christmas has come… and gone. A year has come… and another one gone. Christmas was kinda profitable. I got everything on my wishlist. Seems I was a good boy in ’03. Both a TV/Stereo "Home Entertainment Section" (Well, at least the money for it), a new shelf for my ever increasing DVD collection (I’m up to my third shelf now), a CD and a DVD. I also got some gift certificates I used to buy even more DVDs (Too see which, just find them elsewhere on the site).New Years Eve was pretty calm, and I celebrated with some […] Read more

A night on the seven seas

This weekend I paid a little visit to a small country known as Denmark. I didn’t actually set foot in Denmark, but I was in danish waters. The guys at work and I went on a small boating trip with the cruise-ferry M/S Peter Wessel. We had a three course dinner which was very, very delicious. Then we started partying… until the next morning. Been a while since I’ve partyed that long… Guess I’m turning older.All night a hot woman in a short, sexy, turqoise dress had teased us the entire evening. She knew she was hot and she knew we were looking. Down at the disco she danced on a stage next to the dancefloor, all by herself. Suddenly she put on a show […] Read more

Not another redesign

What’s this? A new homepage design once more? No, this is actually only a theme celebrating halloween. I’m planning on making other themes for other special days and holidays as well. Which ones? To find out which ones you just have to stick around and see what happens.I’m also very frustrated with all this solar activity these last few days. The solar winds have sparked beautiful northern lights, and of course the sky must be completely overcast as that happens. I’m not less frustrated by the auroras teasing me through the clouds by shining so bright I can see there’s some heavy activity going on but just not able to see it.

New feature

Added a new feature to my homepage today, although not a very big one. If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s the footer at the bottom. I have moved the contact information from the "me" pages and the copyright information down to this footer. This footer will probably see some more changes in the near future, but at least it’s there now. After only almost 5 months on my homepage todo-list.On another note; I had an MR scan performed on my knee last week and got the pictures in the mail today. I looked at them and couldn’t find anything wrong. I hope the doctor finds something though so that my bad knee can be fixed. Stay tuned for scans of my scans.