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Once In A White Moon

Samba/Winbind connection issues

I recently had to reconfigure my linux (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) servers.I had previously used these two howto’s to configure my servers.Suddenly one of them refused to properly connect with various error messages: # wbinfo -pPing to winbindd failed # wbinfo -uError looking up domain users # wbinfo -tchecking the trust secret via RPC calls failedCould not check secret After a week of googling I finally found the following solution, which did the trick for me. Stop smbd, nmbd and winbindd (make sure they are really dead using ps. winbindd still lingered after I stopped the service) Delete the linux computer from the Primary Domain Controller (using the Management Console) Delete the secrets database (/var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb) Join the domain again Start the daemons (smbd, nmbd and winbindd) […] Read more

Trying a new thing with my blog

Because I’m using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ I haven’t really made any good posts to my blog for a while. I’m trying to remedy this by taking my blog in a new direction. As a “Technology Enthusiast” I regularly get stuck in various situations where I have to do a lot of googling. Some times I can google for a week and not find a solution. When I finally do find a solution I’ve decided I should write about it on my blog so that others can (maybe) find the solution as well. So don’t be surprised when you see lots of technical stuff popping up on this blog instead of the usual ramblings about what happens (or not) in my life.

Spam be gone?

I’ve now done an extensive cleanup on the site to remove spam comments. I should have been able to filter out and delete only the spam comments, but as always, the human mind is fallible… even mine… so if you’re missing a comment you remember having written, I’m sorry, but it’s been zapped. You could always write a new one, of course.In order to try to prevent spam filling up this site in the future I’ve implemented a new CAPTCHA from the free (!) service called reCAPTCHA. I hope this will be good enough to hold the spambots at bay.If you’re one of the people sending spambots to my site, remember the wise words of modern day philosopher geek Wil Wheaton: Don’t be a dick!

Where’s Twitter?

It seems Twitter is down. Now I’m all lost. I don’t know what to do. I keep speaking in sentences of only 140 characters. I keep wondering what Barack Obama is up to. Suddenly I have no funny links to articles on the web or funny videos on YouTube. I can’t even tell the world what I’m doing or what I’ve just seen.So I’ve stooped to the level of actually writing on my blog again. That’s what happens when the world stops.So here’s a short tweet: "Watchmen". Very true to the graphic novel. Visually stunning (including Malin Akerman). A bit on the long side. 8/10