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Once In A White Moon

Trying a new thing with my blog

Because I’m using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ I haven’t really made any good posts to my blog for a while. I’m trying to remedy this by taking my blog in a new direction. As a “Technology Enthusiast” I regularly get stuck in various situations where I have to do a lot of googling. Some times I can google for a week and not find a solution. When I finally do find a solution I’ve decided I should write about it on my blog so that others can (maybe) find the solution as well. So don’t be surprised when you see lots of technical stuff popping up on this blog instead of the usual ramblings about what happens (or not) in my life.

Give a little bit of yourself today and save a life tomorrow!

Today is the World Blood Donor Day. Donating blood is such an easy thing to do, and is also a very easy way to help save lives. You only give about 15-30 minutes of your time, and a pint of blood. Seeing how many lives are saved each year because of blood donors, the choice shouldn’t really be that hard to make, but still there is a profound lack of available blood in hospitals around the world. I am, of course, a donor. Even though I hate syringes and needles, I go through with the donation roughly once every three months. Being such an easy way to help others, I gladly do it. I get a gift from the local hospital every time I do […] Read more

Volcanic refugee

I recently had to attend a class in Copenhagen, Denmark, to get to learn the CMS system we use at the office a little more in detail. I had planned on taking a flight down there on a Wednesday, attending the class Thursday and Friday, then flying back home Friday evening. However, Iceland didn’t quite want it to go down like that.

Spam be gone?

I’ve now done an extensive cleanup on the site to remove spam comments. I should have been able to filter out and delete only the spam comments, but as always, the human mind is fallible… even mine… so if you’re missing a comment you remember having written, I’m sorry, but it’s been zapped. You could always write a new one, of course.In order to try to prevent spam filling up this site in the future I’ve implemented a new CAPTCHA from the free (!) service called reCAPTCHA. I hope this will be good enough to hold the spambots at bay.If you’re one of the people sending spambots to my site, remember the wise words of modern day philosopher geek Wil Wheaton: Don’t be a dick!