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Once In A White Moon

Windows 10 fully compatible with my techno karma

I have bad techno karma. When I’m trying out new hardware/software something always goes wrong. This time it is Windows 10. I installed Windows 10 just fine. After installing all the drivers I noticed I needed to update my BIOS, which I did. Everything continued to work just find and I installed some applications. After a while I noticed that I had one harddrive too much, so I figured the BIOS update had just disabled my RAID. “No biggie, I’ll just reboot, turn RAID back on and everything is hunky dory.” Cue techno karma. After turning on RAID Windows 10 now refused to start. I couldn’t even repair the installation, so I had to reinstall everything. Having not used RAID for an hour there was data […] Read more

Release party

Why not make this Whitsun weekend a Whitestone weekend? After months (years?) of work I’m finally officially releasing my brand new website, which means my old website will close down (I’ll make a version of it available somewhere sometime, but it will not be a big event like this). Why change? My old site was getting, well, old. The backend was extremely customized to my needs only, which is good in a way, but not really thinking ahead. With this page I’m taking a step away from a completely personalized solution to a more commercial one as I’m now using WordPress as the main engine behind my website. This gives me a much better engine when it comes to publishing posts. Not that I really […] Read more

Transitioning to WordPress

This site will be the next homepage of me, Gina Therese Hvidsten. I’m currently in the process of transitioning all my content from my old site to this one, and I’m now using WordPress as my CMS instead of my crappy old homemade one. The appearance and content of this site will be somewhat crappy looking until everything is converted and transferred and search engines shouldn’t index any of the content, so I’ll be surprised if you find this site at all (without me having given you a direct link ;)). So as usual, stay tuned for more content.

Moving the users folder on Windows to another drive or partition

I’ve seen this on several site, and I also have this written down on pieces of paper all over my office, both at home and at work, so I figure it’s about time I get it somewhere more digital where I always know where I have it, as well as share this knowledge with other people who come by. For this example I assume that Windows is installed on the C-drive, and you want to move the users folder to the D-drive. To make sure you’re not touching files that are in use, boot from the Windows installation disc (or USB) and start a command prompt. The instructions here are for Windows 7, but they’re not very different from Windows 8.x: First you need to […] Read more