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Once In A White Moon

Give a little bit of yourself today and save a life tomorrow!

Today is the World Blood Donor Day. Donating blood is such an easy thing to do, and is also a very easy way to help save lives. You only give about 15-30 minutes of your time, and a pint of blood. Seeing how many lives are saved each year because of blood donors, the choice shouldn’t really be that hard to make, but still there is a profound lack of available blood in hospitals around the world. I am, of course, a donor. Even though I hate syringes and needles, I go through with the donation roughly once every three months. Being such an easy way to help others, I gladly do it. I get a gift from the local hospital every time I do […] Read more

Volcanic refugee

I recently had to attend a class in Copenhagen, Denmark, to get to learn the CMS system we use at the office a little more in detail. I had planned on taking a flight down there on a Wednesday, attending the class Thursday and Friday, then flying back home Friday evening. However, Iceland didn’t quite want it to go down like that.

Where’s the new stuff?

I so want to write a serious entry in my blog. But I never find the strength. I have several subjects lined up (my jaw surgery, my couch surfing experience, my trip to TAM London) but I can’t work up the strength to actually write about it.Please, if anybody has any good tips on what I can do to get myself to write about these subjects, please let me know.

Aragog paid me a visit last night

Last night, just before brushing my teeth before going to bed, I noticed something dark in the corner of my eye. I turned around and saw this monstrosity. Having mild to heavy arachnophobia I actually let out a short scream and suddenly found myself in the adjoining room.After calming down I got my Nikon and attached the macro lens and snapped a few shots to document the creature. I then brushed it into a bucket (with some toilet paper. Not with my hand. Are you crazy!?) (it actually made quite a thud when it hit the bottom of the bucket) and then emptied the bucket into the toilet.Now, about the arachnophobia. Me being scientific, and a critical and rational thinker, I know perfectly well that […] Read more