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Once In A White Moon

Jaws of my life

5 weeks ago today I was scheduled to have jaw surgery because my jaw keeps popping out of its joint (It’s very annoying and can hurt pretty bad if it happens and I close my mouth quickly without thinking about wether it popped out or not). I got up very early in the morning, took the train to Oslo and a bus to the hospital. I waited, talked to a doctor, waited, waited some more, a nurse took a few samples of blood, waited again, until finally… I was told to go home since they wouldn’t have time to do the surgery on my the next day after all. The person scheduled to have surgery in front of me got a more extensive surgery than […] Read more

Totally unrelated to Arthur

A few weeks ago I drove to the office as I usually do in the morning. At the last intersection before my office building I was turning left and noticed a car standing a bit further out than normal in the intersection, but he was waiting for me and I took a nice and wide turn around him. When I was right in front of him he suddenly started driving forwards towards me, and since I was in the middle of my turn I had nowhere to go, so he hit my car. The collision was at very low speed so fortunately no injuries or serious damage to either of the cars. Still, my car got a nice little dent and some scrapes right in […] Read more

Jean Michel Jarre in concert

Yesterday I went to Jean Michel Jarre‘s world tour making a stop in Oslo. I hadn’t seen Jarre live for some 15 years, so I was excited to see what he would bring to the country this time around.All in all, the concert was pretty good. He played a lot of golden oldies, as well as a bit of new stuff I didn’t immediately recognize. He mostly focused on the Oxygene series, but also played some other well known stuff like Rendez-Vous and Magnetic Fields.His stage show was also quite entertaining, with awesome white lasers and strange LED-displays with alien heads looking ominously at the audience. Compared to the stage show 15 years ago, this current one wins, hands down.So far it seems this concert […] Read more

I’m no pig

So I’ve gotten the cold. I’ve been worn out all day, my nose is running and is also clogged up. I do suspect that my allergies might’ve had a hand in it since the birch pollen falls heavy from the birch trees. I don’t suspect this is the H1N1 flu, though, so don’t worry.I’ve been really lazy at updating my blog lately, and it seems I have to get a bit ill to write.A lot of stuff have happened to me lately, so I just have to find the strength and inspiration to write about it, so more to come soon… soon-ish… maybe… I hope.